How to download open beta from Epic Games Store

Mortal Shell was announced some time ago and many people are thrilled with this ambitious Soulslike project. Its beta version was initially closed to certain players on PC, but it is now open and therefore everyone on the main race can now enjoy a sample of its punitive gameplay. Here you’ll find out how to download the open beta from the Epic Games store to start playing.

Fans of Dark Souls are obviously excited about Mortal Shells, especially when glimpses have described him as an “elegant, class-based successor”. You will only be able to have two classes – Harros and Tiel – in the demo provided, but even then you can still taste the combat and the difficulty promised.

If you’re a Dark Souls fan or just want to try something new at no cost, below is how to download the Cold Symmetry Open Beta for PC from the Epic Games store.

Mortal Shell Open Beta Download

You can only download the open beta version of Mortal Shell from the Epic Games store.

If you can’t find the open beta version of Mortal Shell by searching the Epic Games store, just click here to get and download it.

As for what the demo implies, it will allow you to have two classes: Harros and Tiel. This will allow you to see the differences between the two classes while battling ridiculously tough enemies.

Regarding its difficulty, the developers warned that Mortal Shell is made for “fans of Souslike hardened in combat” and is therefore designed with vindictiveness with spite.


How long is the beta version of PC Mortal Shell?

The open beta version of Mortal Shell on PC should take you about an hour.

This estimate is courtesy of the developers who suggest that PC players familiar with Soulslike games will complete the Mortal Shell beta in approximately 60 minutes.

However, for those who are unfamiliar, it might take you a lot longer.

Before you start the beta, you should know in advance that it doesn’t include spoilers and that the map has been deliberately limited to keep you focused.

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Mortal Shell’s release date is the third quarter of 2020 for the Epic Games store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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