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Of all brands and colors, telephone SIMs have conquered the world with smartphones, becoming one of the most popular objects on the face of the Earth. Necessary in order to be able to take advantage of any telephone service, these cards hide a very interesting second life that few know even though it is acquiring more and more relevance, especially in the eyes of certain users.

Telephone SIM: sometimes they can be rare and worth a lot of money

Considered indispensable, nowadays SIM phones they can even be rare thanks to their intrinsic peculiarity. Having become subject to auctions and of interest in the world of collecting, therefore, these cards turn out to have such a high value due to a not negligible detail: the same rarity from which they are distinguished.

Sometimes referred to as “Top Number” or again “Gold Number“, These technological products stand out from the crowd thanks to a more unique than rare code string: the telephone number attached to them, in fact, is not a classic telephone number, but rather presents more unique combinations of numbers than at times marked by a single number repeated several times.

Precisely for this reason, today the top SIM numbers have become the interest of many although their unavailability. In this regard, in any case, we want to open and close a parenthesis: mobile operators reserve the right to create new ones from time to time, so if you are passionate, do not lose sight of even the Italian managers Tim, WindTre, Vodafone and Iliad are also not excluded.


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