How to find the right bike rack for your car

EOne of the sectors that posted a strong plus during the corona pandemic is the bicycle industry. With 79.1 million two-wheelers, the number in Germany in 2020 was higher than ever before. In particular, bikes with electric pedal assistance up to 25 km / h, i.e. the pedelecs often referred to as e-bikes, are enjoying increasing popularity. Their share of all bicycles sold in Germany was almost 39 percent last year. If you want, you can spend a lot of money on an electric bike, we have made offers from 1750 to just under 13,000 euros. If the bike excursion does not start right outside the front door or if the bike is to be taken on vacation, then the question of correct and safe transport arises. There are various options for transport by car.

If you are traveling with a sufficiently large vehicle, you can of course simply put your bike in the cargo area or fasten it with lashing straps in the driver’s cab, especially when it comes to folding models. Special interior supports are recommended for valuable bicycles, which are fixed to the trunk floor when the rear seats are folded down or removed. Depending on the vehicle (height) and carrier model, up to four bicycles can be transported; the front wheels do not always have to be removed. The advantages of this type of transport: the valuable cargo remains protected from damage in transit, the effects of weather and theft, the driving characteristics of the car do not change, and there are no restrictions in terms of top speed. The disadvantages are obvious: there is little space left for passengers and luggage. The rear view is impaired. And muddy wheels in the interior are not for everyone either.


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