how to fix the “Try again” bug

The error message is frequently encountered by users. Here are various ways to fix the problem.

Twitter is fallible. Like all social networks. From time to time, therefore, users may not be able to access the service. But the problems do not always come from the platform, your computer may be the cause. This is the case with the bug “Try again»On Twitter, frequently denounced by Internet users. Here are a few ways to solve this problem, from the simplest to the most complex.

The fastest technique is to refresh the page. Screenshot

Reload the page

In some cases the fastest solution is also the best: reload the page. There are two ways to do this. The first is to use the “try again” Where “try again»Written on the page. The second is to use the combination “Ctrl» + «F5On Windows PCs. For macOS devices you have to press “command» + «option»+ The R key.

Check the browser version

If the first method did not work, the second step is to verify that the browser used (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) is up to date. In its support page, the blue bird social network advises to use the site to determine if the browser is in its latest version. If not, updates are available online or through the App Store for Safari.

Delete browsing data

The Twitter bug can also come from a problem with cookies, small trackers that follow our browsing on the internet. One solution may be to clear the cache as well as the browser cookies.

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Here is the procedure to follow on Google Chrome :

Settings> Privacy and security> Clear browsing data.

On Mozilla Firefox :

Settings> Privacy> Cookies and site data> Clear data

For Safari :

Change the internal clock

If all other options have failed, some experts recommend updating the computer time. This is because the date and time on your device may interfere with Twitter’s servers which indicate a different time. As a safety measure, Twitter may then terminate your connection and display an error.

In this case, the maneuver is a little more complicated and differs depending on the operating system.

For Windows : Press the Windows and R keys, then write in the box “control timedate.cpl».

Enter control timedate.cpl in the free field. Screenshot

In the Date and Time window, choose Internet Time. You must have administrator rights for this.

Select the internet time. Screenshot

Finally, enter ““In the text box before pressing”update».

For a computer under macOS :

Go to System Preferences via the Finder tool. Click on the icon “date and hour“. Check that the time and date are updated automatically. Finally enter in the Server field that overrides the default


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