How to free up space in Gmail

Google dominates many sectors, from searches to emails to Android phones. Although numerous failures accumulate in his record, many of his services have become essential for millions of people. One of them is Gmail, a well-known mail manager, which despite everything, does not have a visual and intuitive mechanism to clean emails.

Freeing up space is important. The service allows up to 30 GB of free storage. As a general rule, it is Gmail that tends to cut the most. The problem comes when a user wants to clean and delete messages received all these years to sort the material a bit. And, then, you realize the reality: how do I delete the emails? Where’s the function? How do I know what each “weighs” to prioritize? It is a good time to do so now that the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has confined millions of people to their homes.

Well, there are a couple of “tricks” to do it. The first and most accessible is to click on the drop-down menu in the search engine. Several options will open, among which is the “Size” field, which allows you to locate emails larger than a quantity, which the user must choose. For example, greater than 10 MB, which is a very common unit and will allow us to select the “heaviest” emails. From here you can also make a selection by time intervals, to find for example those messages that are more than a year old.

Another option is to do it with a special code. In the Gmail search box, type: has: attachment larger: 10M. Then click on “Search”. The detail to take into account is the sequence number. That is, you can substitute “10” for a larger number if you want to delete larger files. Once the search is complete, the next step is to select the emails you do not need and click on “Delete”. On the left of the page, click “More” and then the trash can. At the top, you need to click on “Empty Trash Now” to make more space. Another important detail is that in order to see the results, you must permanently delete the emails from the “Spam” folder. To do this, go to the left side. .

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