How to help your child to reason?

Reasoning, that is to say thinking about a situation or a problem and identifying the elements to make the connection between them, is complicated for the little ones. Helping them develop their reasoning skills can be done through a whole host of daily stimulations.

Why help him reason?

If the baby already begins to resonate around certain situations, it is especially around the age of 2 that he begins to solve a problem and around the age of 4 or 5 years that he begins to think about more complicated situations. Helping him in his reasoning allows him to have good relations with others, to better understand his emotions, and to better adapt his reaction.

How to help him to reason?

Before the age of 2, it is mainly by hiding an object and asking him to look for it, or by making him discover objects that stack up or have different textures that you can help him to reason. .

Up to 3 years old, you can start to make him do puzzles, games of differences or associations of objects according to their color, their size, or their function for example.

After 3 years, he can start doing memory games, riddles, role-playing, construction or imagination games with different objects.

Talking and playing with your child allows him to develop his reasoning through different situations. To stimulate him, you can for example ask him his opinion on small things accessible for his age and ask him questions to make him think aloud.

Find out more: “Games to practice reasoning” by Roger Rougier.

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