how to install their beta version?

Like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and other Apple TVs, AirPods Pro also now qualify for their beta. Apple is now allowing developers to test the next features included in iOS 15 on its wireless headphones. But beware, the manipulation should be reserved for the most informed.

No more (too) jealousy at Apple. After the multiple announcements of the last WWDC 2021 conference concerning future operating systems, the developers, but also the first curious, were able to test the beta versions ofiOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, tvOS 15 or watchOS 8.

For once, many new features concerned headphones AirPods Pro especially. Until now, they had never really had the opportunity to shine with multiple promises of improvement to be tested before the time. It is now an error corrected, with a little hacking.

Better sound in all circumstances

With installing the beta of iOS 15, it is now possible to also test what’s new on AirPods Pro such as the addition of spatial sound on FaceTime with ambient noise reduction, the announcements of notifications by Siri or the mode Conversation Boost.

The latter will help people with mild or moderate hearing problems to amplify the voice of their interlocutors thanks to the structure of the AirPods Pro and their microphones. To do this, the headphones will focus on the voice of the person in front of you to hear them better while reducing ambient noise.

At the moment, the beta doesn’t seem to be aimed at the second-generation AirPods earbuds. Apple has announced that the rollout of the final version will take place later this year. On the other hand, the helmet AirPods Max does not appear to be affected by the beta at this time. As always, installing beta firmware is not without risk for your device and your data, you have to keep the notion in mind …

How do I install the beta for AirPods Pro?

For the moment, the firmware beta for AirPods Pro is only available through the Apple Developer Program. The site MacRumors managed to develop a tutorial to install it, of which here is a French version.

  • Go to your iPhone to install the firmware for the AirPods Pro (you must obviously have previously installed iOS 15 in beta). To do this, go to the website Apple Developer and log in to access the downloads section.
  • Tap the icon in the top right, then tap “More” and select “AirPods Pro Beta”. View details.
  • Click on the iOSAirPodsProSeed.mobileconfig configuration profile and allow installation on the iPhone.
  • Go to Settings and to “Downloaded Profile”. Install it. Enter your password to validate the installation.
  • Connect AirPods Pro to iPhone by bringing the case closer so that they pair automatically.

In order for the AirPods Pro to receive the beta firmware, it must be upgraded to the latest version. Xcode 13 currently in beta. Then connect iPhone to Mac and launch Xcode.

  • On the iPhone, go to Settings and in the menu Developer to install the preview of the firmware beta. Pair the affected AirPods Pro and activate the update.
Source : MacRumors

Source : MacRumors

  • Accept Apple’s legal terms to receive the firmware which can take up to 24 hours to activate. To install it, make sure the AirPods are connected to the iPhone and their case securely closed.

To check if AirPods Pro are updated, go to Bluetooth settings and tap the “i” next to their name. The version number will let you know if the beta is installed.

To exit the beta, simply go back to iPhone Settings, then General and VPN and Device Management to remove the AirPods Pro beta profile.

Source : MacRumors

Source : MacRumors

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