How to keep a free and open mind? (Replay)

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How to keep a free and open mind? Meeting with the physicist and philosopher Carlo Rovelli, co-inventor of the theory of loop quantum gravity and formidable obstacle to thinking in circles.

Carlo Rovelli, inventor of the very promising loop quantum gravity theory, is a free and curious mind. As keen on science as he is on humanity, this pioneer of the quantum world has no equal when it comes to broadening our perspective, by shaking up all our certainties (and even our uncertainties), especially regarding time.

With Carlo Rovelli, theoretical physicist at the University of Marseille. His Seven short lessons in physics (O. Jacob, 2015) have enjoyed worldwide success, before The Order of Time (Flammarion, 2018, Champs 2019). His new book Wandering Writings has just been published by Flammarion.


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