How to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp?

Have you written to someone and they don’t reply? Is the last message you sent to that person left with only a ‘check’ and, no matter how long time goes by, they do not receive that message (and, therefore, the double ‘check’ is not put?

Do not despair, nothing happens to your WhatsApp … but surely, the recipient of your messages has blocked you.

Without going into the motivation that person has to block you, there are a series of signals to know if, indeed, that person has blocked or deleted your WhatsApp chat and your contact.

In addition to the ‘check’ (if you have been blocked, only a ‘check’ of the sent message will appear, but never the second message delivered), you will also know that they will have blocked you because you will not be able to see the information of the last time the contact has been online (in case this option has not already been deactivated), You won’t see any updates to the contact’s profile photo (in fact, there comes a time when the contact’s photo disappears altogether for you) and you will not be able to call that contact by WhatsApp.

If the blockade has also been total, you will also not be able to call him through a classic call and he will give you the message that “the person you are calling is off or out of coverage” constantly.


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