how to know if you are intolerant to alcohol

New Year’s Eve is often synonymous with heavy drinking. A behavior that can be dangerous: in France, it is estimated that alcohol is responsible for around 40,000 deaths per year. But sometimes, the amount of alcohol drunk does not necessarily have to do with the state in which we are. Particularly whenone is intolerant, even allergic, to alcohol. Some symptoms should be obvious, and just one may be enough.

Have a face that blushes when drinking alcohol, for example, can be a clue. This may be a sign that there is a problem with the liver: it has trouble metabolizing alcohol, changing it into acetic acid to better eliminate it.

If you have itchy eyes or nose when you drink, you may be reacting to histamines, sulfites or other components of alcohol such as yeast, hops, wheat, or rye. Have a fast heart, migraines or diarrhea can also alert you.

If in doubt, one can try to determine if one type of alcohol triggers the symptoms rather than another, for example by drinking only beer or only from wine during an evening. In moderation, of course. In identifying which alcohol or allergen is causing your symptoms, you can stop consuming it.

Tests also exist to check if you are intolerant to certain alcohols. They are performed on the skin or by a blood test, after consulting a doctor. Remember, however, that the best way not to have an allergy to alcohol is perhaps not to consume it.

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