How to live well with hypersensitivity?

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Hypersensitivity is often characterized by hyperreactivity to the environment with an emotional overflow sometimes unsuited to the situation. Often ignored by the people themselves, it is however by putting words on what we feel and by getting to know each other that we can make an ally of it.

How do I know if I am hypersensitive?

If the help of a professional psychologist or psychiatrist can of course be very useful in making the diagnosis, certain situations can be indicative of a form of hypersensitivity. This is most often the case in relationships with others, where the hypersensitive person has trouble analyzing their emotions, making decisions and reacting emotionally in a disproportionate way. Since the details are more readily apparent to her, that she is very attentive and observant, she may find it difficult to step back and not feel affected.

This is often explained by people who tended to want to please their parents in childhood, to the detriment of their own desires and who were very sensitive to the judgment of others. The consequences in adulthood are however not negligible, because they can affect all areas: relational, professional or sentimental.

Can we treat it or do we have to live with hypersensitivity?

If there are no other associated psychological or psychiatric disorders, hypersensitivity is a characteristic of the personality which can be accompanied without being treated. To make it an asset on a daily basis, it is important to work on yourself to better get to know each other.

For this, it is recommended to perform an “interpersonal therapy” which helps to mentalize one’s emotions, intentions and those of others. It seeks to help the expression of emotions by techniques of prioritizing needs and expectations by treating the lack of mentalization.

“Cognitive and behavioral therapy” can also be very effective in avoiding being overwhelmed by emotions by working on inappropriate interpretations. It can be supplemented by mindfulness meditation.

Find out more: “Hypersensitive – better understanding, better acceptance: turning hypersensitivity into an asset”, d ‘Elaine N. ARON, Pocket marabout editions.


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