How to lose the extra pounds with the baby’s diet

Have you ever heard of the baby’s diet? The name could be misleading by making you think of a diet for children since it is based on homogenates. Yes you got it right is a diet based on daily consumption of homogenized to eat instead of the canonical meals and snacks. The baby’s diet is a lightning diet that was designed by the personal trainer Tracy Anderson that in the United States is considered a real fitness guru, this diet has been designed for those who want to lose the extra pounds in a restrictive, rigid and extreme way.

The baby’s diet, also known as “Baby Food Diet”Allows you to lose nine pounds in six weeks. And it is currently the most popular diet among Hollywood stars. The new fashion diet in Hollywood is precisely the Baby Food Diet, a diet which, as already said before, is nothing less than homogenised. Those little jars of food meant only for children have now become the favorite meal of the stars who want to lose weight and keep fit, losing the extra pounds in a short time.

Among the supporters of the baby diet are the famous actress Angelina Jolie, apparently her favorite diet and actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon who apparently follow her literally. We are certainly talking about an unusual diet. In fact, it tends to replace canonical meals with homogenized which are usually used for thefeeding babies. In Italy, as already mentioned, it has been called “the baby’s diet”. With it you can even lose about 9 kilos in just 6 weeks.

But what is the secret of the baby’s diet? The secret of the baby’s or Baby Food Diet’s diet is to eat small but more meals throughout the day. Why are the protagonists homogenized? Certainly this type of food, being designed for children, is devoid of additives and added fats, it is rich in vitamins and various nutrients; in most cases, moreover, the homogenised products are gluten-free and therefore also suitable for celiac feeding.

How does the baby’s diet work?

The baby’s diet or Baby Food Diet promises to lose up to 9 kg in just 6 weeks by eating only homogenized: it is the Baby Food Diet method, very popular at the moment among Hollywood stars. Here’s how it works. During the 24 hours, in fact, you can even consume a maximum of 14 homogenized. These packaged and suitable products for early childhood completely replace ordinary meals and snacks. This type of feeding looks like benefit the ability to keep track of the number of calories you make daily to your body. In fact, the value of each jar of homogenized product is around 100-150 kcal. If taken constantly throughout the day, it allows you to better manage your sense of hunger. Being designed specifically for babies, the homogenised products are extremely light, therefore ideal for losing weight. By consuming ready-made and packaged portions, in fact, you can control both the quantity and the quality of the individual ingredients. According to nutritionists another advantage in consuming the homogenized is their quality. In fact, being prepared and created for young children, these products have highly selected, fresh and genuine ingredients at the base. Thanks to its structure, the Baby Food Diet keeps away from the temptations of caloric snacks and rich in preservatives and hydrogenated fats.

The pros and cons of the baby’s diet
The baby’s diet however, it has aroused numerous criticisms all over the world because according to many nutrition and wellness experts it is diseducative. It does not allow teaching new generations how to feed themselves with awareness and how lose weight in a correct and healthy way without restrictions and strict rules. In reality, this diet entails significant risks for the body. Although the quantity and quality of the homogenised products are balanced, their calorie intake is too low. Any adult, in fact, must meet a much more substantial energy requirement.
The Baby Food Diet is a so-called lightning diet and although therefore the effects can be seen in a short time, it will not protect you from a new weight gain.


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