how to make an appointment to be vaccinated?

People over the age of 75 will be able to receive a first injection from Monday, January 18, while the executive wants to speed up the French vaccination campaign.

«Amplify, accelerate, simplify“. Three key words spoken over and over again in recent days by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, who wants to give a boost to the French vaccination campaign. With this in mind, the executive will set up registration platforms for people over the age of 75 wishing to be vaccinated in a dedicated center as of January 14. Le Figaro takes stock of the main stages of this meeting.

People aged 75 and over will first need to make an appointment to be vaccinated. They “will be free to go and consult (their) attending physician, but this is not an obligation», Explained Olivier Véran.

Registration can be done by telephone, via a national number which will be communicated soon or directly via the number of a vaccination center. “One center per department has already been opened, explained the minister, and there will be 300 from Monday“. People who want to be vaccinated can also go through the site, on which an interactive map will be displayed, with the list of available centers.

Olivier Véran had mentioned a registration on TousAntiCovid at the beginning of the week, but nothing has been specified on this subject for the moment.

  • How is the pre-vaccination consultation carried out?

Once your registration is complete, you will have to go from Monday, January 18 to the chosen vaccination center. A doctor or nurse will ask several questions to the person concerned, and will send them a self-questionnaire.

This fact sheet will include questions such as “Have you had the Covid in the past three months?», «Have you been vaccinated against the flu in the past three weeks?», «Do you have a fever or other symptoms of Covid?», «Do you have a severe allergy?“, or “Are you pregnant ?“. For this last request, “there is little risk that this will be the case after 75 years“Quipped Olivier Véran. A medical examination will be carried out if there is any doubt about the information given.

  • What should I know about the vaccination itself?

A doctor or nurse will take care of the first injection “intramuscularly in the shoulder, like most vaccines», Clarified Olivier Véran. The vaccinated person will be invited to stay “fifteen minutes there before being able to go homeAs a precaution. “A doctor will always be present at the vaccination site», Assured the minister. The vaccinated person will be entered in the Covid Vaccine file.

Once this first dose of the Pfizer vaccine has been injected, we will have to wait “between three and six weeks“To receive a second, since”It is possible without risk and without loss of effectiveness to postpone the second injection of the vaccine», Revealed Olivier Véran. “The second injection cannot take place less than 3 weeks after the first, otherwise there is a loss of effectiveness. Some patients had a later injection and it went very well», says Olivier Véran, citing a study.

The Minister of Health wishes to achieve a “cruising speed with several tens of thousands of people vaccinated per day, and one million people vaccinated by the end of January».

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