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How to Make International Dating Work: Tips for Men

Maintaining an international relationship with single Ukrainian women takes a lot of effort and patience. Psychologists say that not all people are ready for international relationships. There are two opposite types of people who may behave differently when separated from their partners.

The first type of people can be called reliable. They remain true to their choice and word. They are disgusted to even think about cheating and do not allow the thought of jealousy. Such people are self-sufficient and self-confident. From such people you can hear stuff like: “I myself am not able to cheat and do not intend to, there is no reason for me to cheat.”

The second type of person is anxious, requiring constant attention to their partners. Such people cannot stand even a short episode of ignorance, they begin to suspect their partner of cheating and begin to come up with different scenes in their heads. People of this type most often begin to change or look for backup options for a possible breakup in advance. They do not understand that they cannot withstand loneliness for a very long time, therefore they are afraid to be alone.

Determine for yourself what type you are and decide whether to start a relationship at a distance.

Psychologists say that the biggest mistake in international relationships is the loss of interest in your own life. You must remember that while your partner is not around, you can devote even more time to yourself. Then it will be interesting to communicate with you every day, learn something new, etc.

Let’s list the important tips from a psychologist:

Try to communicate more often. Set up your schedule so that you can call your loved one every day. For example, at a certain time in the morning or evening. Don’t forget about video calling and try to use it when communicating, not your phone. Also, use mails and chat if you live in different time zones. For example, you are already at work, and your partner is just waking up, message them. So, they immediately start their day with thoughts of you. In response, wait for the first good night wishes. Such favors become very valuable from a distance.

Take care of your internet connection. Use free WI-FI in public places to communicate on social networks.

Share photos of your face. After a short time, our brain stops remembering the details of the face of a loved one. And then it completely forgets them. So that you are not forgotten, try t see to your partner’s face more often.

Send gifts to each other. They can be ordered immediately with delivery to the address.

Send letters via mail. Sometimes a handwritten letter is more important than thousands of social media posts.

Don’t make the person jealous.

Support the person with kind words: I believe in you, I love you, we will handle it, you will succeed, you are great, etc.

Share your successes.

Try to spend your time on some hobby in your free time so as not to occupy your head with fears and worries.

Before parting, give each other something with your own scent. This will help you to remember what it’s like to be near your partner once again. Our nose and smell are the best way to evoke memories.

Don’t forget about the sexual side of the relationship. Discuss in advance how you will maintain an intimate relationship between you two.

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