How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in Difficult Living Situations: Expert Advice

2023-06-02 18:22:40

Specialist describes that these situations can generate symptoms of stress and anxiety, so it is important to know how to channel it.

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In addition to the economic difficulties that the Guyanese face, the deficiency of basic services is part of the daily life of many.

In the midst of blackouts, water rationing, among other circumstances, the affectations occur both physically and psychologically.

Ysolannis Rojas, a clinical psychologist, describes that the accumulation of stress caused by this situation turns into anxiety and “it never comes alone.”

He explains that anxiety brings with it depression, insomnia and the consequences of this also harm physical health.

Rojas describes that currently people have greater hypertensive, heart, skin, hair loss, or weight problems and “this type of condition comes from that.”

How to channel this situation?

It should be noted that, under appropriate conditions, citizens should not suffer these considerable failures in basic services. However, many regret that so far they do not perceive improvements.

“There is a predisposition that negative things will happen. It affects us on an emotional level because we live in a negativist resistance, in general”, comments the psychologist.

The specialist highlights that it is important to at least create alternatives to channel these situations and prevent them from further affecting health.

“The first thing would be to create a positive attitude in the face of so many negative situations that we are surviving every day (…) if I know that today the power goes out, then schedule other types of activities outside the home so that the fact does not affect me,” he mentions as an example .

He stresses that it is necessary to prepare for conditions “that we know will continue to occur” and understand that there are points that are not under one’s control.

In these cases, “the ideal would be to carry out psychological therapies that help me understand what is under my control and what is not under my control.”

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