How to overcome depression in a healthy way

The situation worsens when you get into a depressed mood or try to relieve your mood in the wrong way. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Prevent depression from becoming chronic

sometimes come to mind sad moodis normal emotional reactionto be. These feelings are often unhealthy directioncan also be transformed into depressionmeans to develop into bait appetiteIt’s like jumping around Willdo HopeIf it disappears, see an expert Steps to get counselingmay have reached

If you can’t properly control your depression emotional ups and downsIt’s getting worse and worse become chronicIt may lead to a situation where The situation is exacerbated if you fall into a depressed mood when you are sad or angry, or try to change your mood in the wrong way. American health information magazine Prevention How to overcome depression in a healthier wayintroduced


Exercise if you keep opening the refrigerator

body is exhausted think it’s hardIn this case, there is a desire to soothe the mood with a glass of alcohol or to satisfy the satisfaction with a snack. It’s okay to eat lightly shake the drink drink or high calorie foodIf you eat a lot of food dependenceis too high.

eating food or alcohol serotoninor dopamineThe same substance is secreted, which makes you feel better. This substance is ExerciseIt is also secreted through Physical activity is called the fasting hormone. limit ghrelin levelsplays a role Ghrelin levels can also be controlled through exercise. Exercising to change your mood will strengthen your body and release your mood.


If you have frequent quarrels with your family, call a friend.

what if family Would you be upset if one of you finished eating and put the empty milk carton back in the fridge? That’s enough to make you angry. this screaming and fightingif taken as strategies to deal with angerneed to change

piled up in the mind danderto the people around to burst to get angryis not a desirable solution. ExerciseFind a way to release your anger through diaryIt is a better way to quickly write down your feelings as if expressing anger. or positive personalitywith friendCall us for advice. It is best to avoid friends who have a negative view of everything, as they can stimulate feelings of anger.


If you’re shopping for a diversion, give it as a gift.

Buying a bag or clothes you like can temporarily boost your mood. shoppingThe disadvantage is that the feeling that has been improved through it is easily dissipated. temporary pleasureshopping for overspendinganother called Side EffectThere is this.

If you can’t easily change the idea that spending money makes you feel better, consider shopping for the people around you. buy a giftin a way that purposelet’s change It is a way of buying cookbooks and ingredients that can provide healthy dishes to the family. When you shop like this, you spend money happy people aroundI can even see you doing it good feelingIt will last longer than this.

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