How to prepare for a surgical operation?

How to prepare for a surgical operation?

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How to prepare for a surgical operation?

Do you need to have an operation and do you have a lot of questions about this operation? We tell you all about how to prepare for surgery.

During a planned surgical operation, it is essential to follow certain rules. Indeed, if this act is not trivial, the recommendations to follow are just as important. Here’s how to properly prepare for an operation.

The appointment with the anesthesiologist

Essential before any surgical operation, the anesthesia consultation allowsevaluate certain contraindications anesthesia and other health issues that the medical team should be aware of. Thus, after a questionnaire on your medical and family history, you may be asked a blood test in order to detect any anomalies. Sometimes an ECG is also done. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the different anesthesia techniques depending on your surgery.

Jewelry, varnish… What should be removed before an operation?

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In order for the surgery to go smoothly, it is strongly recommended to remove all jewelry that you have as well as the piercings. Polish and makeup should also be removed. You will also be asked not to wear your contact lenses and your braces if you have one.

Toilet before surgery

Generally, people are asked to wash themselves thoroughly the day before the operation or on D-Day. with an antiseptic such as betadine. Remember to clean your hair well, all parts of the body, paying particular attention to the folds (armpits, groins, etc.), as well as the nails. Moreover, it is advisable to cut your nails for more hygiene. Also remember to brush your teeth carefully.

Fasting before an operation

If you are undergoing general anesthesia, you will be asked to be on an empty stomach at least 6 hours before the operation. Some hospitals accept the consumption of a slightly sweetened drink up to 2 hours before the procedure. Seek advice from the anesthesiologist. On the medication side, you should avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin. For smokers, it is strongly recommended not to smoke the day before the surgery as well as on the D-day. Indeed, tobacco can cause many complications post-operative, in particular due to poor blood circulation.

Finally, do not hesitate to take something that could relax you such as soft music to listen to on your smartphone.

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