How to Protect Yourself From A Scam After An Accident

Being involved in an accident is terribly stressful by itself, and in those situations, the only thing that can make it worse is ending up getting scammed in any way. Be it by your insurance company, or by the second party responsible for the accident, these unfortunate events do happen – but with enough vigilance, the right guidance and just knowing how to pace your steps, you can absolutely avoid this, and that’s where this article comes in.

In this article, we are going to help by providing you with all the necessary things you have to do in order to avoid getting scammed after an accident.

First things first – call the police!

After the accident has happened, and you have made sure that you are safe from any possible additional dangers, it’s time to call the police. It’s understandable that you are in shock due to the accident at that point and might panic, but forgetting to call the police only puts your further claims to the point of not all that credible. That being said, call the police! And you should always do this, it’s the best first step for you to protect yourself from any events that may result from the accident.


Also, don’t forget to ask for the police report after the police have taken the statements – this will be crucial further on when it comes to avoiding getting scammed. Having credible evidence on your end is going to prevent anyone from tweaking what has happened to their advantage.

Getting professional help

Here’s the thing, getting a lawyer is not something that you are legally obliged to do, but the guidance of a skilled, experienced professional is undoubtedly going to vastly help you with the whole experience. So, if we are talking about car accident insurance claims, there are so many complications and paperwork in the entire process that it can easily get extremely overwhelming. Considering days and weeks following the accident, you are already overwhelmed and maybe even injured, having a lawyer by your side to guide you through the process and ease it up is something that is extremely valuable.


Not to mention that if something happens to go wrong regarding filing an insurance claim, or perhaps if the second party unlawfully accuses you as the one who was guilty for the accident, having a lawyer by your side is a must.

Going to the doctor lowers the possibility of getting scammed

Now, after the accident, you may not feel like you have been injured the same day, or even for a couple of days or weeks. Not only is this important due to, obviously, your overall well being and getting the treatment that you need, but having the doctor’s report that is really close to the day of the accident is crucial when it comes to filing different claims.


Why so? Well, let’s say you have any problems with filing a claim due to the fact the other party is claiming that your injuries didn’t even occur because of the accident. In those cases, the only way in which you can prove that they did indeed happen due to the accident is if you were to have a doctor’s report dating back to as close as possible to the day of the accident


Also, it’s also important to mention healthwise that many injuries that are associated with car accidents have a delayed response. This is also why it’s extremely important for you to go to the doctor as soon as you can.

Take photos and make notes at the scene of the accident!

Last but not least, it’s easy and yet having pictures and notes from the scene of the accident is one of the best pieces of evidence that you can gather in order to avoid getting scammed. So, use your cell phone or another camera to document the vehicles, license plates, passengers, and damage, and be sure to count passengers involved and get their names, phone numbers, and make notes.


No accident is the same, and hence, the procedure that follows can vary depending on the circumstances. But that being said, there are some general guidelines on what should you do, and after reading this article, you now know what steps to take if it just so happens that you have been in an accident. You can come out of this situation with the reimbursement that you deserve!

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