How to recognize an aquarium?

Horoscope February 2021: Aquarius characteristics

Horoscope February 2021: Aquarius characteristics

By Ishtar Freya

Cosmic family, like every month, I write you a few lines about the Zodiac sign in progress. Today I congratulate all Aquarium on your birthday, wishing you start your new round, very loved and blessed.

I know that the last few years have not been easy for you dear aquarium, I know that you come from many changes and adjustments in your life and I want to acknowledge the great work you have accomplished, keep it up!

These are your lucky items:


Aquarium features

Ruling planet: Uranus

Color: Blue and pink

Element: Air

Station: Winter

Character: Sociable

Light side: Altruistic and like to help others

Dark side: They are foolish, unpredictable and cold

Weekday: Saturday

Sign: The water carrier

Perfumes: All natural aromas

Precious stones and metals: Turquoise and spilego

How to recognize an aquarium?

How to describe a free soul like them? How to describe the faithful believers of humanism at its best? Well, let’s start by talking about your ruling planet: Uranus.

Formerly, the ruler of Aquarius was Saturn, but I agree that the current planet is more successful.

Uranus is a complex energy, as it represents unforeseen movements, destructive forces, but also creativity, electricity, technology, the internet, and large-scale communication. It is the highest octave of mercury.

Wisdom and originality are some of the main characteristics of Uranian influence. In good aspects, people of the Aquarius sign are generally sociable, but let’s not forget that there are always a couple of opposites, we have a sociable, eccentric Aquarius, original in its ideologies, revolutionary, rebellious, creative, always open to learning new ones. things, curious and very intelligent, but we also have the shy, sensitive, patient, calm aquarius, very loyal to his ideals and a lover of technology.

While one may try to hide his sensitivity behind a frivolous mask, the other may do so with a technological one. All as long as no one realizes your weaknesses and takes advantage of them. Almost all the native children of Uranus, very jealously reserve their torrent of love and passion.

In tense aspects, they can become cold, calculating and a bit selfish, but when they are at their best, they are very shared and loyal with the people they love, they can venture into a volunteer experience to help save the world or accompany you. to something that no one else would dare.

Aquarium friends and couples

The motto of a relationship with an aquarium, be it friendship, love, work or family, is to love being free. Equity first. They like to believe in equality in every way, it is no wonder that some Aquarians are activists for human rights and for any other cause they believe their own.

I always tell them that I have had an inspiring muse: Linda Goodman. I would like to quote some of what she thinks of Aquarius:

Aquarius does not by nature trust people until they have carefully examined the motivations and if possible, even the soul. He wants to know what your face is hiding, and to find out he can ask rather embarrassing questions, but there remains the consolation of knowing that, once he has accepted you, no malicious gossip will shake his loyalty and adherence. In love with freedom, those ruled by Uranus can be hilarious, original, conceited and independent, but also diplomatic, gentle, compassionate, and shy. Aquarius will almost desperately seek the safety of crowds and become saturated with friendship. Then he will fall into a dark fit of sadness and isolation and will need to be left absolutely alone.

But in either mood, you will maintain the sharpness of your perception, which is not only deeper, but faster than that of other signs. Uranus makes him a rebel who instinctively feels that all the old ways are unfair and that what everyone and the people need are drastic alterations and revolutionary changes.

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