How to recover data from laptop if you forgot the password

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news agent- Some face the problem of forgetting the PC password, which makes it impossible to enter the PC which may contain important information and data. Fortunately, there is a way to recover important data from your computer even if you forgot your password. Computer data can be recoverable, but there is no guarantee for that. If the data is not encrypted, the task is simple. Use a boot disk to bypass Windows and then simply copy the data to an external USB drive from the command line (you’ll need some mastery of DOS commands to do this). Alternatively, you can try to disassemble the laptop, remove the hard drive, and use a USB-to-adapter kit. SATA that can convert your internal drive into a USB-connected drive but you’ll need to check compatibility with your drive to be sure.
Your task is even more difficult if the drive is encrypted with BitLocker or the Windows Encrypted File System. And if you’re signed in with a Microsoft account, you can find the recovery key for that system drive by simply going to the recovery key for that drive.

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But this option isn’t available for a local account, and if you don’t back up your recovery key after encrypting the drive, you’re out of luck.

And you might be able to use an old trick that involves booting from a recovery drive and tricking Windows into opening an Administrative Command Prompt window where you can reset your password.


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