How to remove your hood in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Change the style of the Hylian hood

2023-05-29 18:00:00

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After jumping off Prelude Island and visiting Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Watch Fort for the first time, you must have come across the traveler’s outfit, a simple set, but much cleaner than the togs found in the sky during the tutorial. Only here, if you have watched all the trailers of the game, you will see that a detail is missing: it is impossible to remove its hood directly. We tell you here how to do it, it’s unnecessarily complicated.

Complete the Elith Village side quests

Arriving in the village for the first time, you will come across a good number of inhabitants decked out in clothes with mushroom motifs: it is the work of Gouttiée, a skilled seamstress, who shares her talents with the village. But Mayor Baldinn does not see it very favorably, for him Elith must be popular thanks to its ancestral know-how in the field of agriculture. In short, it will be up to a mute hero to solve everyone’s worries, by spying on some and plotting with others.. Everything is divided into many side quests and a few missions, which we detail in the guide below. A small detour through your old fold will also allow you to discover the position of the new prodigy tunic.

Traveler’s Cloak: how to lower it?

Link definitely does not know how to do anything himself: if you plan to raise the hero’s hood, you will have to ask Gouttiée to do it, while you have the cape equipped.. It’s totally free, however you will have to go back and talk to him every time you want to change his style. Still in hair cosmetics, there is also the old hair ring lying around in the well of your old house, now occupied by Princess Zelda.

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