How to remove your name from a Twitter chat to stop receiving notifications

This new feature allows you to lead a much more peaceful existence on Twitter, if you want to limit the notifications you receive.

For years, seasoned Twitter users have been asking for the ability to “exit” a discussion in which they have been involved. Since mid-July 2022, this is now possible. Twitter added the option titled ” leave this conversation to his platform. Here is how to use it.

How to Stop Being Mentioned in a Twitter Conversation

The process for removing your username from a Twitter conversation, and therefore no longer being mentioned (and thus no longer receiving notifications), the process is as simple as it is clear.

  • Click on the tweet where you are mentioned or mentioned
  • Click on “Leave this conversation”

Now, the identifier is no longer clickable. As you can see below, the name becomes grayed out, like plain text. If someone replies to the conversation, you will no longer have any notifications. It will also be impossible for another Internet user to add you once more to the discussion – which is a necessary barrier in the fight once morest cyberbullying.

And There you go ! You now have the option to ignore a conversation, without having to or having to switch your account to private, or flee the application when the invectives are too numerous.

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