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From the 19/20 set, the journalist from France Télévisions Léopold Audebert takes stock of the origin of many products that will garnish the tables of the end of the year holidays. The Gillardeau oyster, native to the Ile d’Oléron, faces many counterfeits all over the world. The company therefore decided to have its logo laser engraved on all oysters. An investment of five million euros“, indicates the journalist. Before this engraving system, all counterfeits represented 15% loss of earnings for the company.

The scallop is also a food that requires vigilance at the end of the year. 60 million consumers revealed that some producers do not hesitate to swell some frozen scallops with water for the more expensive ashes“, warns Léopold Audebert. A good tip to avoid the pitfalls: give preference to fresh and whole scallops in their closed shell and if you choose preparations called scallops, they must mention the percentage of water added.

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