How to separate a conflict from the emotional burden to reach agreements? – 2024-04-23 01:27:36

Without hesitation, I affirm that all people at some point in their lives have faced conflict, for example, fights between husband and wife, disagreements between parents and children, problems between bosses and employees, confrontations in business, differences of interests. and disputes in social interrelations.

In my opinion, the worst confrontations occur due to power struggles, resources of any kind and money.

I remember one time we met with someone to express our points of view and find a solution. However, in the course of the conversation there was a moment where we both could not contain our anger and we began to argue and fight, in the end the conversation ended in shouting without reaching any agreement.

When I have participated as a mediator in a dispute, I have noticed the pattern of behavior that emerges. As a result of this discovery, I asked myself the question: What causes it? Why does the discussion lose control, the direction of the discussion and the fight begins?

After investigating, I realized that the origin of the discomfort is the emotional burden that each participant has, which makes the problem lose sight of. Then, those involved focus all their attention on the emotional sensations that cause the problem.

The fact is not the same as what you feel about the fact. This slight and subtle difference leads to war and the end of peace. Many may think that the emotion involved in the problem is part of it, however, after meditating, reflecting and working on the issue, I can assure you that they are two very different things.

If a person does not know his emotional conditioning, You will not be able to recognize, much less manage, your pain and shortcomings when they appear in a discussion.

In other words, the piece that prevents us from paying attention to the truth of the problem is the emotional burden, which is fed by past experiences, behavior patterns and beliefs. The sum of these personality traits It limits the observation of the central element of the problem, leads to fighting and the absence of creative solutions.

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*Neuroeducator, coach and Emotional Reengineering advisor.

“The invitation is to self-knowledge, from that wisdom you will participate in a discussion without emotional burden.”

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