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Apple has added a lot of security to the privacy function of iOS 15 again, and the more notable one is the iPhone “Email privacy protection“New feature to protect email activity information and prevent the sender from being able to track the opening time, number of forwardings, and IP location of the email. If you want to avoid email information being tracked by the sender, it is recommended to upgrade iOS 15 users to enable email privacy Right protection function.

What is email privacy protection?

Email privacy protection function can prevent email sender activity information from being tracked, a function used to enhance email privacy

The benefit is to avoid receiving emails through the iPad or iPhone’s built-in Mail App. The iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 system can prevent automatic downloading of remote content when the email is not opened, regardless of whether you have interacted with the email.

Apple’s main purpose is to prevent the hidden pixel tracking function hidden in emails. Usually, the pixel size is only 1px. Blank images exist. It is also commonly used by advertisers to monitor the behavior of target recipients. It can collect target recipient devices and behaviors, etc. Information, including:

  • Open email time and number
  • Is there any forwarding behavior
  • Whether to click the link in the email
  • The real IP location and country of the recipient’s device
  • Client mail tool name
  • Device screen resolution, operating system
  • Create user personal data

The “pixel tracking function” is mostly used for advertisers who send large amounts of spam or other purposes. It can be used to verify whether the email is valid, but also to track whether the email has been opened, so as to facilitate the creation of personal preferences. To facilitate subsequent delivery of relevant advertising letters or resale.

How does email privacy protection work?

According to Apple, iPhone/iPad users turn on “Email privacy protectionAfter the function, all remote content downloaded by mail will be sent through multiple proxy servers first to prevent the IP location of the sender’s device from being tracked and learned.

The Apple proxy server network will not share your IP address, and will automatically provide a set of randomly designated proxy IP locations to hide the user’s real IP, so that email senders can only receive general Apple proxy Server information, not actual recipient behavior information.

In this regard, Apple also emphasizes that Apple servers will not use your real IP location in any process, and can protect user privacy.

How to enable iPhone email privacy protection?

Mr. Crazy highly recommends that if you have already upgraded to iOS 15 or a new version of the system users, it is recommended that you must “Email privacy protection“The security mechanism is turned on, which can prevent email privacy from leaking and being tracked.

ifTo turn on the privacy protection function of emails, you can open “Settings”> “Mail” through your iPhone, and click the “Privacy Protection” function from there

How to enable iPhone email privacy protection

Preset The “Privacy Protection Function” of iOS 15 mail only has the “Hide IP Location” function turned on. By default, the mail privacy protection function is not fully enabled.

How to enable iPhone email privacy protection 1

Just change “Protect mail activity“When the function is turned on, the”Email privacy protection“After opening emails through the iOS / iPadOS Mail App, in addition to hiding the IP location, there is no need to worry about the sender’s device or mail behavior being tracked.

How to enable iPhone email privacy protection 2

Summary of iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection Features

When the email privacy protection function is turned on, all privacy protection will be guarded by Apple for you. You don’t need to worry that the recipient can obtain the real IP information or any email activity content, only ordinary activities from the Apple proxy server will be received. .

However, please note that the email privacy protection function is a privacy protection mechanism for the iOS 15 email app. If you use other third-party apps to receive emails from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Spark, and Yahoo, you cannot use this new one. Privacy security features.

In addition, it is also recommended to learn about the new features of iOS 15, which can hide real emails and hide the real IP location of the computer. The detailed techniques are as follows:

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