How to take care of our body and our mind?

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Currently, a high number of Spanish workers work from home. And not sporadically, but more than half the days of your working day. According to José Ángel González Domínguez, professor of the Degree in Physiotherapy at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, “the telecommuting It is not a novelty in Spain, much less in other developed countries, now, especially as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we are witnessing a growing phenomenon and with the prospect of gradually establishing itself in our day-to-day life ». The truth is that it is a very positive change since it facilitates family reconciliation and in almost all cases increases productivity. But not all that glitters is gold. Despite the advantages, telework requires adequate conditions if we do not want our health to be affected. Do you want to know some tips for a successful work practice? Well keep reading …

Postural hygiene

In order not to suffer a muscle disorder as a result of teleworking, it is important that we do it with the right conditions. One of the aspects to take into account is postural hygiene. We must avoid sitting for more than two hours at a time without changing posture and it is advisable to practice exercises and stretches, at least five minutes a day, to prevent injuries. «Without a doubt, the time we dedicate to teleworking, as to any other work, will condition our possibilities of causing health problems related to posture: back pain, joint discomfort, muscle fatigue, tiredness, general discomfort … Hence the importance of good postural hygiene, that is, health care through correct posture, “says José Ángel González, who, in addition to being a professor at CEU, is a Doctor of Public Health and Director of the informative magazine” Fisioteràpia al Dia »edited by the Illustrious Official College of Physiotherapists of the Valencian Community.

In addition, we must not forget about the chair. This must be ergonomic, that is, adjustable in height, made of a non-rigid material and provided with a lumbar backrest and footrest. On the other hand, the table must have a suitable height and allow us to support our forearms. José Ángel González adds: «In addition to measuring our time well, it is essential to be well informed, as in all work we must receive a correct education on occupational hazards. Therefore, it is essential that companies promote such training beforehand or, in the event of an unexpected telework (as has happened recently to millions of people around the world), adapt such training as soon as possible ”.

Visual care

So that our sight does not suffer, we must let watch the screen every 20 minutes and not make use of the dark mode of the screen, since the contrast of the black with the white of the letters makes our eyes work more unnecessarily. Also, the light of the computer is not enough. According to José Ángel González: “it is advisable that any of the screens we use, whether they are PC monitors or televisions (apart from tablets), are not too high. It serves as a visual reference that the upper edge of the screen is at or below the line of our eyes (otherwise, we will blink more than we should, in addition to forcing the extended cervical position). Also, if we use a laptop, it should be placed on a raised base so that we are not too flexed while working with it. In the case of tablets or similar devices, it would be advisable to adapt it to a lectern or similar accessory.

It is also important to place another point of warm natural or artificial light close to the screen. «The environment conditions us, hence we must take care of the light and ventilation in our teleworking space: natural light and ventilation frequent of the cabin (especially in times of coronavirus), as far as possible “, says José Ángel Domínguez.

A comfortable and safe place

Find a place at home where you feel comfortable and set it to your liking in terms of decoration and temperature. One tip is leave our work area collected When we finish the day That will help us to disconnect the mind. It is also good that from time to time we ventilate the room for a few minutes. That will help clear us.

«Postural hygiene does not mean always adopting the same position or attitude towards a task or in the same job. It requires dynamism, changes of posture every so often … there are no fixed or standard postures for everyone, although we recommend avoid harmful postures: asymmetric, with poor support in the chair, prolonged in time … “, says the expert José González.

Finally, and a fundamental point, is to “disconnect” from teleworking while at home. «Visualization techniques are an interesting domestic modality of relaxation: they consist of harmonizing a deep and relaxing breath with gentle muscle contractions while trying to visualize or imagine a situation that is relaxing for us (being on a beach or immersed in nature, thinking that we are being massaged, imagining that we are like a balloon or an object that floats …) », says Physiotherapist José Ángel González. Taking these tips into account we will surely achieve a successful teleworking. Go for it!

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