How to treat Covid-19 patients without symptoms?

People without symptoms of Covid-19 can also transmit the corona virus.

JAKARTA – Several studies have reported the presence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in asymptomatic patients and asymptomatic patients. It is difficult to identify asymptomatic cases because these patients do not know they have a virus until they undergo testing.

However, the prevalence of asymptomatic infections and detection of pre-symptomatic infections are not well understood because there is no routine testing. Several studies have shown that patients Covid-19 asymptomatic and symptomatic are equally contagious, leaving populations exposed to the virus much more and increasing the risk of late diagnosis and mortality.

A study in Wuhan, China, claimed that asymptomatic Covid-19 infection can cause unconscious lung damage. Reported Times Now NewsOn Tuesday (7/14), researchers have extended Covid-19 testing to the general population using rapid testing equipment and adhering to guidelines is the key to fighting the virus.

“As many as 70-80 percent of Covid-19 patients are asymptomatic cases. They have very few or no symptoms but have positive test results for Covid-19 infection, “said doctor from Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, India, Dr. Tejas Suresh Rao.

What to do if a family member is known is people without symptoms or experiencing mild symptoms of Covid-19? The following is a suggestion from Tejas to assist those who undergo independent isolation at home:

– Nutritious diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and warm water. – Multivitamins with zinc and vitamin C every day for 10 days. – Be careful in handling dirty dishes. – Apply hygienic behavior by wearing masks at all times at home and frequently washing hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. – Periodic checking of temperature and monitoring of spo2 and informing health authorities if they have low saturation (less than 94) or high temperature. – Strict house isolation without contact with family members, only one person is available to give they are adequate food and clothing with 1 meter of care.

The point is Covid-19 is a new disease and much remains unknown about this disease and the virus that causes it. However, stay abreast of the latest developments and take all steps that might help you stay safe.

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