How to understand if it is time to buy or sell on the stock exchange? The example of today’s session

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How to understand if it is time to buy or sell on the stock exchange? To understand what the forces that command are on the stock markets, it is very useful to observe the trend of the lists of today’s session, second of the week.

Why is it important to know who is in charge of the financial markets? Because those who invest can understand when to buy, when to sell, what strategy to adopt. Today once again we have seen who is in charge of the stock market. Let’s see more in depth with the analysis of the Research Office of ProiezionidiBorsa, to give useful tools for reading the price trend.

How to understand if it is time to buy or sell on the stock exchange? The example of today’s session

In sailing races the skipper who senses where the wind blows and uses it first, is the one who wins the race. On equity markets it works the same way. Knowing how to smell the wind means understanding if there is a positive buying climate, or if a negative sentiment prevails.

But how to understand what climate reigns? You have to know how to catch the signals, the ones that really matter. And right now on the stock markets, the only signs that matter are those coming from Wall Street.

For months, the US stock exchange has been doing good and bad weather. All operators look at the performance of the US stock exchange and consequently the US market influences the rest of the world stock exchanges. The Japanese one, the European ones and Piazza Affari. Just wade through today’s session

Here’s what happened on the stock exchange today

Yesterday Piazza Affari had shown strength (we had also written it in this article). The index Ftse Mib (INDEX-FTSEMIB) had closed in earnings, but above all he had managed to climb back above the 20 thousand points mark. The party seemed ready for the attack at the maximum of 20,400 points.

But the negative Wall Street closure came, which ruined the party. And in fact today all the European stock exchanges have opened in decline. The main index of Piazza Affari, which closed at 20,003 points yesterday, opened below 19,800 points. Arriving to drop during the day even under 19,700 points.

Only the opening of Wall Street on the rise, in particular of the Dow Jones industrial index, has given a little more vigor to the Milan Stock Exchange. The Ftse Mib at the end of the session limited the losses to 0.6% closing at 19,879 points.


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