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In recent years, liver diseases have become even more worrying for the population. According to some reports, more than 30% of people in one way or another suffer from such diseases. They arise due to intoxication of the body and often occur at the beginning without clearly expressed symptoms. However, when a person gets to the doctor, it becomes much more difficult to repair the damage to this organ.

Therefore, it is important to monitor the condition of your liver. As Rambler found out, doctors call symptoms that indicate that this organ has already begun to collapse.

Upset stomach

One of these signs is dyspeptic syndrome, which is characterized by indigestion, constipation, or loss of appetite. In this case, a person may feel bitterness in his mouth, bloating, frequent belching. Sometimes this can be accompanied by aching pain and heaviness on the left side.

In addition, your skin will signal the destruction of the liver: it can acquire a yellowish tint and turn pale, as well as itch as it happens with allergies.

Cold Disguise

Asthenovegetative syndrome will also indicate a diseased liver. Symptoms with it resemble a cold: weakness, loss of strength, a slight increase in temperature. This syndrome also manifests itself neurologically – headaches become more frequent and irritability increases.

Experts note that disturbances in the liver also affect the nervous system. So, if you notice “childish moodiness” and impatience in your behavior, it may be worth considering your health.

Gums, bruises, swelling

Another symptom is a hemorrhagic symptom. This group of symptoms includes nosebleeds and bleeding gums.

Also, sometimes unexplained weight loss occurs and, conversely, the stomach begins to grow or swelling appears. Symptoms will also become unexpectedly bruises on the body.

Doctors recommend contacting specialists as soon as you notice such symptoms. In the early stages of liver disease, they can be treated more effectively.


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