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We bring you again an interesting information shared recently that is related to one of the most prominent titles in the Switch catalog. This time we are talking about Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl.

The Hansa Park is one of the new features introduced in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl. In this we will have the opportunity to catch Legendary Pokémon belonging to other generations. Below you can see how it can be unlocked.

How to unlock Hansa Park

Players who want to access this new feature will have to wait until post-game. Once the game is over we must comply various requirements to unlock Hansa Park:

  1. The first steps are to defeat Cintia, the champion of the region and having completed the Sinnoh Pokédex seeing the 150 Pokémon that compose it.
  2. Later we must travel to Arena Town and talk to and talk to him Professor Serbal, who will give us the national Pokédex.
  3. After obtaining the national Pokédex, we will receive a message to visit the Hansa Park.
  4. To get there we will have to return to Pueblo Arena and walk south until we reach the beach of La Route 219 . Later we must use the MO surf to enter the water.
  5. After this we will have to advance towards the west and go through the routes 220 and 221. After this we will arrive at a building that is the Hansa Park.

Once there we can access several caves scattered throughout the park that have pedestals where, by placing a slab on its corresponding pedestal, a mythical or legendary Pokémon appears.

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