How to use the PSVR headset with the PS5 console

The owners of a set PSVR who were able to get a PS5 console will be able to use their virtual reality headset on their new console. Here’s how!

The virtual reality headset PlayStation VR of the PS4 is compatible with the PS5. So, no need to reconnect the old console to enjoy the VR games from the PlayStation catalog.

However, in order for the headset to work with your new acquisition, you will need a special adapter to connect the two devices. Rest assured, this upgrade is completely free. It is enough only to fill a form on the Sony PlayStation website, and the adapter will be sent to you free of charge, with no shipping costs. Make sure you have your PSVR serial number ready.

Please be patient, some players report having had error messages on the form when writing the serial number of their PSVR. Persevere a bit and the form should work!

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