How two young engineers developed vegan eggs

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It is not an egg substitute in powder form but a vegan raw egg shell substitute that two young engineers freshly graduated in industrial biology aim to market. During their studies (completed in 2019), as their project matured, the two future engineers had the opportunity to question people who had adopted a vegan diet on what they lacked. Their response was unambiguous: it’s the eggs!

Still students at the School of Industrial Biology, Sheryline Thavisouk and Philippine Soulères have developed a vegetable recipe for egg substitutes that looks as much like the original as possible, called Merveilloeufs. “They come in a form similar to a chicken egg, that is to say with a liquid white in which there is a spherical yellow which is distinguished from white. For this, we were inspired by molecular cooking techniques “indicate the two young engineers who aim to market their vegan product in 2021.

These immediately bet on a product with technical properties similar to a chicken egg so that it can be fried, scrambled or inserted into various recipes.

“This similarity to chicken eggs was important to us so that consumers, including those with egg allergies, could easily use it,” said the two creators.

A dozen ingredients are currently used in the composition of the vegetable egg. Only two of them are of mineral origin (water and salt): all the other ingredients are of vegetable origin.

Priority to improving the recipe to gain taste

For now, priority is given to improving the recipe so that the product gains taste. “We still have a few points to improve on the performance of the white wine, then we can deepen our work on their taste,” add the creators of Merveilloeufs.

You also need to find packaging that can replace the eggshell. “We had initially planned to reproduce an eggshell shape but we realized that it would be difficult to develop a packaging of this shape which is waterproof in order to contain our liquid product while excluding plastic “, add the two entrepreneurs. The challenge ahead: to develop an eco-responsible packaging that ensures optimal preservation of the product.

The creators of Les Merveillœufs launched a crowdfunding campaign on the kisskissbankbank platform (La Banque Postale group) to raise funds for a first production.

More than 13,000 euros have already been raised through this intermediary, an amount which will finance the development of the packaging and the carrying out of conservation and nutritional analysis tests on the product. “We would like to reach 20,000 euros to get into artisanal production. The establishment of industrial production will necessarily require other means,” said Philippine Soulères, one of the two engineers.

Currently, they are part of an acceleration program at the Station F incubator in Paris, where they have been able to benefit from the advice of other entrepreneurs who have faced the same difficulties as they did, but also meet experts willing to advise .


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