“How unfair all this is”: Pato Oñate ventures from Chiloé due to his wife’s cancer | TV and Show

The remembered notero Patrick Onate, who has lived on the island of Chiloé for some time, used his social networks to refer to the family situation that he lives due to the cancer that his wife suffers.

As indicated by the communicator through a video shared on his Facebook account, his partner, Maria Cecilia, she had to travel to Santiago with her two children to undergo radiotherapy treatment.

“Hello, I am not one to do these things but I wanted to share it because I am excited, I am sorry … but I have strength, a mental and physical strength that I do not know how far it will accompany me,” he began pointing from the Chacao Channel.

“They didn’t get to be here much at home. They arrived on January 2 after spending almost three months in Santiago, and they have had to leave quickly due to life circumstances, due to this pandemic that is very cursed … cancer ”, he continued.

“Cancer is very unpleasant. If it is not detected in time, it is like a lion, it attacks. He’s a viper, he’s a killer. And it also has edges such as that cancer is synonymous with money and death. We are fighting it, we are fighting it. I’ve never done this, but I’m going to vent, “he said.

“I put myself in the shoes of those who live in the most remote places on the island of Chiloé and who suffer from cancer. A patient who has to travel an hour and a half by boat if time permits. Maybe one more hour to get to the Castro hospital and from there take him to Valdivia or Concepción “He mentioned, adding: “Nobody holds up. How unfair all this is. How hard is all this ”.

“Here there are no specialists in oncology. And when the bomb falls, it is very hard. If you do not catch it mentally, physically standing, you turn it around ”, said whoever was one of the drivers of Si se se se qué gana.

“We came to seek spiritual and emotional tranquility, and it was her idea, María Cecilia,” mentioned the remembered notary during the World Cup in France 98.

Oñate explained that his wife had already had breast cancer in 2013, after which she underwent surgery for a tumor near her ear. After that, they settled on the island.

“We came here… and here we are, fighting, for those who wanted to know, that is the truth. We came by choice, not by obligation. We came to look for a better life, in every way, and believe me we have it ”, he assured.

“I have never been hungry or deprived, I do not know him, I have been blessed (…) I wanted to tell this at a time when I am excited. I had saved so many things, “he said.

“Cancer, I really don’t love you. But you are not going to beat us. To all those chilotes that are isolated, which is not the same as in Santiago, a big hug “, Hill.

Recall that Oñate reappeared last July on the screen after a long time away from television. On that occasion, he was contacted by the morning Welcome, where he spoke of his new life in Chiloé.

“I never imagined that I was going to live here, the truth is that I had come and we are grateful,” he said in said contact.


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