How vitamin D works against inflammation in COVID-19 and can inhibit an excessive immune response

Scientists have recently gained insights into how vitamin D contributes to inflammation caused by immune cells in corona infections. The so-called T cells are mostly responsible for the severity of the Immune reaction in COVID-19 responsible and could worsen the course of the disease. In addition, the new research shows the mechanism by which the vitamin reduces inflammatory signal transmission in such cells.

Effect of vitamin D against inflammation in Sars-CoV-2

T cells are involved in the immune response to the infection that causes COVID-19. However, according to the study authors, further research, especially clinical studies, is necessary before the new findings can enable a treatment option. In addition, the researchers cannot yet recommend using normal vitamin D as therapy. Nobody should take more than the recommended doses of the vitamin to prevent severe corona infections. When scientists understand how vitamin D works against inflammation, they also understand more about how the drug works. Accordingly, this could pave the way for new, even more effective drugs. The study authors began by looking at how viruses affect lung cells in an earlier piece of research. When they found that viruses can trigger a biochemical pathway known as the immune complement system, the researchers looked for ways to disrupt that pathway and reduce inflammation that followed.

possible treatment option with syringes for severe immune reactions after infection with coronavirus

The study results showed that vitamin D can accelerate the transition from the inflammatory to the anti-inflammatory phase of the immune response in COVID-19. In the case of infections with coronavirus, the pro-inflammatory phase of the T cells does not seem to be switched off. This may be because the patients do not have enough vitamin D in their system or because something is abnormal in the immune response. In this case, the researchers posit that adding vitamin D to existing treatments in the form of a prescribed highly concentrated intravenous metabolite can further help people recover from COVID infections, although they did not test this theory. However, it is a special form of the vitamin that is not available in drug stores. So it is important to understand the results this study from test tubes must also be tested in clinical studies on real patients.

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