How would the leader be defined if Olimpia and Motagua tied on points? What the regulation says – Ten

Olimpia beat Real Spain 1-0 and became the new leader of the group in the Central South area, displacing Motagua to second place.

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The albos are first in their group with 31 points, two behind the Cyclone that was left with 29 units after losing 1-0 to UPNFM.

Pedro Troglio and company are one step away from taking first place in the group, a place that will give them the opportunity to contest the rounds with the leader of the North and secure a ticket to the final.

But not everything is sentenced. On the last day, Olimpia will face Marathón and Motagua visits Platense. A white draw and a victory for Diego Vázquez’s pupils could pair both clubs with 32 points.

Those that the regulation says

What will happen in case of tie in points? This is what article number 5 of the competition rules says for the 2020-21 season of the SalvaVida League in Honduras.

The first tiebreaker criterion will be the “Best difference between the goals scored and received in the qualifying stage”.

If equality continues, the second criterion is: Greater number of goals scored in the qualifying stage.

If they are still tied, the third tiebreaker criterion is “Highest number of points obtained in the particular series”. Here the favored one is the albo who drew 0-0 in the first round and won 2-1 in the second with goals from Jerry bengtson Y Diego Reyes.

Qualifying round tiebreaker criteria

FIRST Best difference between goals scored and received in the qualifying stage.

SECOND Highest number of goals scored in the qualifying stage.

THIRD Greater amount of points obtained in the particular series.

FOURTH Greater goal difference in his particular series.

FIFTH Greater number of goals scored as a visitor, in his particular series.

SIXTH (Fair Play) The lowest amount of points accumulated on the yellow and red cards of each team has been obtained during the qualifying stage, observing the following parameters: Yellow Card will equal 1 point and Red Card will equal 2 points.

SEVENTH Draw carried out by the General Secretary of the National League.


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