However, by changing the usual program, the Riga Festival will take place

Next weekend, the Riga Festival will also take place, of course, without fireworks and gatherings. More events will take place this year in the vicinity of the capital.

With the onset of the pandemic, it was estimated that the capital’s birthday celebrations would be missed this year. However, as the epidemiological situation stabilized, the municipality changed its mind.

“It is important to ensure that the events that take place do not overlap. So that there is no one measure that attracts people is another. We also drew attention to the need to evaluate its access to the specific event, so that it is not in some narrow streets, in narrow places, ”says Jana Feldmane, Head of the Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Health.

Representatives of the city council have tried to take into account the recommendations of specialists and this year the list of activities has been significantly changed.

“This year’s Riga Festival will be completely different from previous years, because this year the Riga Festival will not have large mass events, light performances, large concerts, events already programmed to gather a large number of visitors,” says RD Culture, Culture and Sports Department boss Baiba Šmite.

Most of the nearly 70 planned events will take place in the city’s neighborhood. For security reasons, organizers promise to be creative and use innovative solutions to prevent crowding when organizing entertainment.

“There will be a floating platform on the Riga Canal, which will move with musicians so that people do not gather in one place. The Dome Square will be turned into an outdoor cafe with tables and seats. And there will be a screen in the thought square and you will be able to see those events where there is a limited number of indoor events. For example, the concert of St. Peter’s Church with the choir “Ave sol”, “Šmite points out.

The municipal police will also work in an enhanced regime. However, both the City Council and the Ministry emphasize that the responsibility also lies with the residents themselves: “The holiday will succeed if both parties cooperate. Both the organizers of the event, offering the opportunity to comply with all these set conditions, and the other side – visitors who will be really conscientious and understand that in order to enjoy the Riga Festival, you still have to look at the other person and not go into the other person’s energy zone. “

To reduce the risk of large gatherings, public transport will have to be paid for during the holidays this year.


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