Howitzers should also come: Sweden wants to send Ukraine 50 armored personnel carriers

Howitzers are also to come
Sweden wants to send 50 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

Even if Sweden is not an international military heavyweight, the country wants to provide significant support to Ukraine. According to Prime Minister Kristersson, 50 infantry fighting vehicles and artillery systems as well as anti-tank weapons are to be delivered. This marks a departure from previous policies.

Sweden wants to provide Ukraine with the Archer artillery system in the fight against Russia. This is part of a three-part military support package for Ukraine agreed by the Swedish government, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said. It was initially unclear how many “Archer” howitzer systems were to be delivered. In addition, Sweden plans to send Ukraine 50 CV-90 armored personnel carriers and NLAW anti-tank weapons.

“Military support is crucial,” said Prime Minister Kristersson. It could change who gets the upper hand in the war between Russia and Ukraine this winter.

The “Archer” artillery system is also to be delivered.

(Foto: picture alliance / DPR)

With the planned deliveries, Sweden is moving away from its stance of not supplying arms to a country at war. The decision announced by Kristersson stipulates that the Swedish army should prepare to deliver the “Archer” system to Ukraine. According to Secretary of Defense Pal Jonson, the army should also make a recommendation on how many of the “Archer” systems could be delivered.

Sweden also has “Leopard” tanks

The “Archer” artillery system consists of a fully automatic howitzer mounted on an all-terrain vehicle. The crew can control them remotely in an armored cabin.

Recently, Great Britain and France had announced tank deliveries to Ukraine. London has promised Kyiv Challenger 2 main battle tanks, Paris wants to send light AMX-10 RC main battle tanks. Germany recently agreed to deliver “Marder” armored personnel carriers and Patriot anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. Germany, on the other hand, is still blocking the “Leopard” battle tank. Sweden also has “Leopard” tanks and, according to Jonson, has nothing against tank deliveries to Ukraine in principle. The “Leopard” is not part of the new aid package.

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