How’s the culture going? # 2

Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier: “It’s even more unfair with this second confinement”

During the first confinement, Nelly Monnier and Eric Tabuchi had invented Décor-Export, a brilliant participatory game allowing their cutout silhouettes to travel in the photographs of others. Since then, this initiative has become a book (Ed. Poursuite) and the two artists have traveled in real life to continue their photographic report of the titanic “Atlas of natural regions” which they have just unveiled. website.

“We had to open a large exhibition of 250 images at the CCCOD in Tours, the first with five regions of the Atlas finalized thanks to our partner CAUE Touraine. The cancellation of this opening may lead to others: we have five exhibitions scheduled for 2021, but we need six months in advance of shots. This creates tension and uncertainty. We have to go to Haute-Savoie in two weeks, we are waiting for authorizations, but we are wondering how to eat and find accommodation. We launched the ARN website on Facebook. This is our first foray into dematerialization, a way not to sink into isolation and loneliness, a way to ward off bad luck …
“This second confinement comes at the right time in the end: we have plenty of things to finalize for the site. We try to be positive, even though it seems certain that things are not going to get better any time soon, that it will last for months, even years. And to think that this event will not be represented by the artists! The artist has become a secondary being, pushed to the margins of public utility. Confiscating the artistic representation seems strange to us… And it is even more unfair with this second confinement: people find themselves being burdens, at the bottom of the ladder. This gives the idea that what matters is having a good butcher, a bank account to consume and that art has become Netflix. There is still something positive about this event: we adapt! Someone told us about teletourism… We will undoubtedly become teleartists… ” Collected by Clémentine Mercier

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Jérôme Baron: “Offer something else to the public”

Jérôme Baron, artistic director of the Trois Continents festival in NantesSince 2010 at the head of the Nantes festival of Trois Continents – where many great filmmakers from Asia, Africa and Latin America have revealed themselves to France – Jérôme Baron has held the helm of this 42e edition reinvented online, in extremis and for the first time. It starts today, until November 29.

“As for many, things could obviously get better… Failing to have imagined that we would be reconfigured in November, we were careful in the preparatory stages of the festival, since we had imagined up to three possible formats… in physics . We made the decision to work on a version with a public offer, online and free, twenty-four hours after the announcement of Emmanuel Macron. We are very attached, in Nantes, to an open festival, it is a working philosophy to bring down the walls. Our intention was to give the possibility to films which have known a succession of aborted destinies, or which have not yet found theatrical distribution, to be visible.
“The most difficult thing is the impossibility of projecting yourself, even in the short term. Keeping a team afloat without knowing the possible resources, getting bogged down in a just-in-time situation … Our public partners have enabled us to work with an economic base that is at least more or less satisfactory, but our great fear is that, if the situation continues, funds will probably run out in 2021, 2022. And we do not exclude that the return to a more normal operating framework is to the detriment of a real density and diversity of the offer… It was very obvious to see the concern of the exploitation this year, without the big American machines to fill the rooms and cash drawers. It raised the question of models to reinvent, to offer something else to the public. What do we do with a tool and a place of cinema, apart from carrying out a purely commercial activity there? ” Collected by Sandra Onana

The Creustels: “Less confined, people share less Internet nonsense”

Marion Creuzevault and Julien Pestel are the “Creustels”Their video hijackings of the exorcist or from Manon des sources, Proutophiles and pleasantly morons, were shared like hotcakes on social networks during the first confinement. And today, how’s that for the Creustels, that is to say the authors and actors Marion Creusvaux and Julien Pestel?

“Bin is the balls. Our Instagram account was hacked yesterday, like many. A priori, it’s a virulent virus, so 2020… The Instagram team is trying to recover our data, but we will lose all the comments to our videos anyway, and that’s very sad for us because it was almost a diary of the first confinement. Even today, people came to review and comment on the March videos! Since the reconfinement, we have resumed the diversions, without knowing whether or not everyone was fed up with our foolish jokes … We also noticed it: as people are less confined, they share less nonsense. ‘Internet, but we are happy to see that our first video of the second confinement, the one that hijacks Macron’s speech, has collected 850,000 views. We now have 340,000 subscribers, and a total of about 60 videos. Otherwise, we will put online, on November 25 on Julien Pestel’s YouTube channel, our short film which was initially to circulate in festivals, Behind the door, a true story in which we were the protagonists and which addresses the issue of violence against women. ” Collected by Eve Beauvallet

Jean-Pascal Zadi: “Culture is becoming as important as eating”

Not content with being the author of the most brilliantly unseemly French comedy of the year, which led the way in which cinema attendance resumed in early July, Jean-Pascal Zadi barely left himself the time to ” an adrenaline rush after Simply black (750,000 entries). We wanted to know what the actor-filmmaker can do four months after his summer hit.

“It’s going pretty well for me, I’m in the job, finishing season 2 of Craignos whose name is Downright Craignos and will be broadcast on France TV in February 2021. There, I’m editing, we’re working on the music with the composer, it’s a part of the work that I really appreciate. We had the chance to shoot in July, right between the two confinements, and finished in September. It’s when we have a hard time that we realize that culture is super important, it softens manners … When we are in confinement, it’s not at all secondary, it’s the opposite, that becomes as important as eating. Even those who say that bookstores are not essentials are very happy when they return home to have their books! Being active, for me, is something very healthy for the mind, doing nothing is really a hassle. After Simply black, I immediately got to work, I’m lucky to have made a film that worked a bit… If I had any advice for everyone, it would be to go read How to have sex with a nigger without getting tired by Dany Laferrière. ” Collected by Sandra Onana



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