HP Printers Experiencing Issues (Again) After Update

2023-05-23 17:30:07

In early May, a firmware update for HP OfficeJet 9020e printers caused many users to no longer be able to print and caused the blue screen with error code “83C0000B”. Since then, the company has struggled to provide a solution as quickly as possible. However, the site BleepingComputer relata that the new firmware released last Saturday (20) unfortunately failed to solve the problem.

HP Printers Still Having Issues After Upgrade

Firmware update of HP OfficeJet 9020e printers causes blue screen. Source: witchdoctor

On the HP forum A topic dedicated to the “83C0000B” error was created introduced following firmware updates released in May for the HP OfficeJet Pro 9022e All-in-One Printer. At the time of publication of this article, 83 people have voted in favor of the above question by clicking on the “I have the same question” option. In addition, the created topic already has 135 comments, where most of them are reports from users with the same problem in their HP 9020e series printers.

According to HP, the affected users represent a “limited number”, but the problem has already affected several customers in the US, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand and Poland. The company says it informed its customers that the bug would be resolved (corrected) at various times throughout the month of May, but so far no definitive solution has been presented.

A user frustrated with his HP printer problem said on the 16th of may:

In fact, HP was supposed to resolve the issue ‘at the latest’ by May 16th. I called HP support in France this morning… I can’t fault the person on the phone who used diplomacy to explain that HP engineers were aware and working on the matter (which is exactly the message I received last week) . This time there was no time commitment for a solution. I find it odd that HP doesn’t even try to post apologies, known explanations of the issue, and regular updates on their efforts to resolve it, instead letting their customer service agents deal with our growing frustration. It does not give confidence that HP’s attention to a problem, which basically rendered their product totally useless and prevented hundreds of customers in various countries from printing anything… It’s certainly not what we would expect from HP.

Disconnect your printer from the internet

To prevent any problematic updates from affecting HP’s 9020e series printers, the company has advised customers who own such models to disconnect from the internet.

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