HSV: At 15,000! Hamburg fan invasion in Hanover – 2nd Bundesliga

It is the largest fan caravan in recent years. 15,000 HSV fans travel to Hanover on Saturday for the North Classic.

Blue-white-black invasion.

Cornelius Göbel, the HSV fan representative: “The affinity of HSV fans to go abroad is huge. With almost all away games in the 2nd division we could sell more tickets. At the game in Hanover it was easy to get tickets this time. ”

8000 tickets for the game were sold through the HSV. In addition, many followers stocked up directly at 96. The people of Lower Saxony can be happy: thanks to the large number of Hamburg residents, the arena with 49,000 spectators will be full for the first time this season.

The fan club “Hamburg Embassy Hanover” even organizes a party for the many HSV fans. From 8.30 a.m. in the sports bar “U-Turn” (Bischofsholer Damm 97). There is even an extra train to the stadium from there.


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