Huahan is now increasing the price of 195 yuan, discounting 13.5% | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Industrial Computer Factory Huahan (6414-TW) It was announced on the 25th that the price increase is now completed. The issue price per share is 195 yuan, a discount of about 13.5% from the closing price of the previous day; based on the number of issued shares of 5000, Huahan is expected to obtain 975 million yuan in capital. .

Huahan said that the capital increase funds will be used to repay bank loans and enrich working capital. However, the company has recently raised funds and raised funds frequently. Recently, it has also introduced strategic investors through 5,000 private placements. The market is concerned that equity expansion will dilute profits.

However, Zhu Fuquan, chairman of Huahan, said that the benefits of increasing and issuing bonds to introduce strategic investors and saving interest are expected to offset the impact of equity expansion.

Among the 5000 shares of Huahan, 75% of which are 3750 shares are subscribed by the original shareholders according to their shareholding ratio, and 38.99871313 shares can be subscribed for every thousand shares; the other 15% is reserved for 750 shares to be subscribed by the company’s employees, and 10% of the 500 shares are publicly available. Subscribing to external public underwriting.

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