Huang Xuan and Lin Jianhuan changed from husband and wife to brother and sister and signed a new brokerage company to become the same door | TV | Hush!Star news

The eight o’clock actress Huang Xuan also switched to a brokerage company and became Lin Jianhuan’s younger sister because of the epidemic’s impact on her lifestyle. She hopes to break away from the existing framework and challenge a broader play path. “I want to challenge dramas other than eight o’clock, and step out of my comfort zone when I have the courage.” Looking back on the past, she mentioned: “When I first entered the showbiz, I wanted to be successful in the eyes of others. When I was young, I was expected to be sweet and cute, but that was not there. It has to be suitable for my personality.” She is diligent in fitness and studying martial arts, looking forward to expanding her acting route, and eager for performance opportunities with female agents and girls.

Frankly speaking, switching companies is a kind of adventure. There used to be jobs in the past. Now, when her child is three years old, she wants to leave some space for herself.

Recently, she attended a training class for action actors. Facing the persuasion that others believed that the actors should “act” well and give martial arts to their substitutes, she was sure: “I have been exercising for a long time and also learning martial arts, and I have always wanted to move towards martial arts actors.” She once suggested that she wanted to perform “Rolling the Stairs” in person but was not allowed to use a stand-in. It regretted her and made her determination to learn martial arts more deeply.

In 2020, he received intensive training in Tai Chi and Muay Thai due to the online movie “Mulan Agent”, and found that he has great potential to be an agent. Even if there is no opportunity for Wu Jiao, we still look forward to more possibilities. “Even if someone says how do you play a role with no lines at all? But I really want to have a different performance.”

From elementary school Taekwondo, there is a cousin Wen Ziyun, she is also smart, she has been exercising for many years, and even when she traveled in Thailand, she specially arranged intensive Muay Thai training for the whole week, and she continued to return to Taiwan. In addition, Huang Xuan loves to swim. During the epidemic, she occasionally stayed in a hotel to relax her “false vacation abroad.” Her body fat rate was only 20% when she was 165 cm tall and weighed 48 kg. 16.”

Once and Lin Jianhuan played husband and wife in “Life for Life”, and now they are brothers and sisters of the same school, they are very nervous. “He was a big star I watched on the big screen when I was a kid. But after contacting me, I found that he was very humorous and friendly. Brother Jianhuan played a bright role, and when he played the role of a big man, he was able to play the characteristics of being afraid of his wife funny and cute.” praised Lin Jianhuan. Huang Xuan’s acting skills and selfless teaching, since childhood idols now become senior brothers, Huang Xuan is pleasantly surprised and honored.

Huang Xuan, who joined the new company, looks forward to diversified development in advertising, television, and movies in the future. When she was a student, she specialized in stage play. From the practice field before graduation, she gradually became an assistant director. She needed to assist the actors in the play. One time, she turned from behind the scenes to an actor because of acting on behalf of the show. She is a Taurus and has a pragmatic personality. During the epidemic, she used to invest in delivery platforms to make extra money. She said that if she loves acting, she also needs to earn a living.

Huang Xuan’s body fat is only twenty.Photo/Provided by Xingmanlin International

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