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Everyone listens a lot to Conscience Food Court. Have you ever heard of Conscience Food Court? Located in Tong Jun Street, Tseung Kwan O, there is a Food Court with conscience food shops — Eclipse Food Court. The food court opened in June last year, but last week the founder posted a post on his Facebook page stating that Food Court can only continue to operate for two months. As soon as we came to Tseung Kwan O, let’s take a look at this Conscience Food Court. What’s so special?

Tseung Kwan O is not an urban area, and the transportation is not convenient. Moreover, the two entrances of the “Sun Eclipse Shopping Mall” where the food court is located are quite hidden. When the reporter came for the first time, he found it after a long detour and departed from the MTR station. You can cross the intersection of Baoyi Road, walk all the way along Tangjun Street to the sea, then turn right on Zhishan Street, you can see the big entrance of the mall, take the elevator up to the first floor; or just like the reporter, cross the cross road After the entrance, walk straight along a small road between the Tianjinhui shopping mall and the parking lot until you see another entrance of “Solar Eclipse” on the left, and go to the first floor via the escalator.

Four neighbourhood recommendations

Although the location is remote, there are actually many loyal diners in the “Solar Eclipse”. Many netizens praise the quality of the food and affordable prices. The Northwest will come to support the meal, and the largest number of diners on site recommend it. It’s the “Shii-Ishi-yaki” which is the main stone-fired set meal. Of course, the signature dish is the steak served with hot stones. The “American Angus Sirloin” that I tried this time was steaming hot on the plate, and the steak was thinner. The slate is quite hot, causing obvious burnt inside and outside. Although the gravy is rich in the mouth, the texture is rough, and the thick meat flavor of the sirloin is lost. However, the size of the steak is larger than a palm. It also includes noodle soup, pearl rice white rice, and sesame sauce salad. The portion is quite large, and it is luxurious for a lunch, but dinner is suitable. In addition to the choice of beef, there are also specialties such as stone-grilled eel, pork amine steak, chicken wings and chicken chop. It is of course very rare to have stone-grilled set meals at Food Court, but the temperature of the stone slabs is difficult to control. It may become older or the temperature of the hot stone may drop. Diners must pay attention to it before eating.

In addition, many diners praised the “May 1 Beef Brisket” as flat enough to be worthy of food. They indicated that they would sell the beef brisket. Of course, they would order a bowl of the signature “May 1 Beef Brisket Noodles.” It has layers and taste, the meat is soft and refreshing, and the crispy noodles are also a lot of points. The soup is sweet but slightly too salty and fatty, but only $38 is considered a good meal, plus Food The environment of Court is more comfortable than ordinary tea notes.

If the Chinese style is not suitable for you, you can try the Western-style “Upper Room”. This time we challenged its “Slow Cooked Chicken Truffle with Mixed Mushroom”. The burger has chicken chop, black truffle salad sauce and mixed mushrooms on the chicken chop. The two hamburgers are not crunchy, a bit soft, but the chicken chop is fresh and tender. Juicy, the gravy overflows as soon as you bite it, and the black truffle is more flavorful than expected, and the taste of black truffle fills the mouth.

Each restaurant does not provide food and beverages. If you want to have a drink after eating, you can go to the “Milk Tea Alliance” to purchase additional drinks for $9-$24. The styles are diverse, including the more common lemon tea, holic, and cola choices. Special drinks such as black cow, red bean ice, Milo dinosaur, brown sugar milk tea and so on. A more special specialty drink is “Ovaltine Crispy Volcano”. Ovaltine has chocolate chips added to it, so it is called “volcano”. The crispy chips increase the taste of the drink and are an alternative choice.

Founded by one person, hopes to expand diversified development of anti-monopoly

Although the Food Court is often full at the moment, the flow of people here is actually quite scarce. The founder, Ajie, pointed out that there was no alternative to the remote location. He founded the Food Court by himself without the support of a large consortium. At first, he saw the renovation and leasing here and hoped to introduce the Food Court. He believed that the rent could be more affordable, so he decisively signed the contract.

In addition to the owner of the “Sun Eclipse Food Court”, Ajie is also the owner of the “Chu Kee Ice Room” in Kwun Tong, and the son of the founders of the ice room “Daddy Zhu” and “Mom Zhu”.Experienced Zhu Ji being forced to move on Lidong Street“I feel that the government’s policies are so unfair to ordinary citizens, and the owners are also unscrupulous. I feel unfair.” As a post-80s generation, Ajie believes that every shopping mall or housing estate in his childhood has its own community characteristics and culture. In recent years, the commercial market in Hong Kong has become more and more uniform. Most Food Courts are operated by large groups. The restaurants are the same. They are eager to at least bring some changes in the catering industry. They have the idea of ​​creating a food court that belongs to Hong Kong people. “It seems that all these new towns in Tseung Kwan O have plans. Basically you can guess what they are inside. You can see that there are so-and-so consortiums in the shopping malls, and the two brands of coffee are the same. Food Court is even more so, there are mainly two. Big brands, big brands are all those shops, the citizens lack a lot of choices. So when we had this opportunity to build Food Court, our initial mentality was to make the customers who come in look forward to or curious.”

Open your own shop and wake up Hong Kong people’s attention

Ajie signed a 30-month contract with the landlord in January last year, and it took effect from June. However, after the contract was signed, the epidemic broke out and the catering industry was frustrated. The surrounding lots and shopping malls all reduced rents to attract tenants. On the contrary, Ajie signed the agreement rent amount. High, after discussing with the landlord, the rent could not be reduced, so at that time he had not been able to recruit the owner of the conscience store to join. Ajie had to bite the bullet and set up different types of restaurants in the food court and set the direction of food production. Later, my father, who had been in the kitchen for many years, brought a close friend to be the chef, and introduced more like-minded chefs to join.

In addition to rent, Ajie first invested 3 million yuan for decoration, purchase of equipment, licenses, etc. After the official opening in June last year, the flow of people has been sparse. After three months of opening, it will continue to eclipse hundreds of thousands every month until In August, Ajie published a full-page advertisement in the “Apple Daily”, and the flow of people was able to pick up, butIn October, the operator was warned to remove the Food Court content, The turmoil continues, and the business has been between tens of thousands of losses and a tie.

The operation of Food Court has been struggling to survive, but what drove it to be in a hurry? Ajie pointed out that there was also a clause in the contract at that time, stating that Food Court needed to reach the specified business amount. If this target is not met, the landlord will have the right to drive out the tenant. There is less than one month left until the first turnover review at the end of June, but the business has been falling or rising. If it fails to meet the standards, Food Court may be forced to close down at the end of July. Ajie has to post a post in a hurry. I don’t want it. My own employees are unemployed, and I also hope that Hong Kong people will know their original intentions. “He at least knows that someone has such an idea, or will wake up everyone’s thoughts on this matter. Does he want to go to every shopping mall the same?”

Diner: Fully support the boss: Do it day by day

After the restaurant was in a hurry, “Solar Eclipse” finally received enthusiastic attention. Many diners expressed their support. Many Tseung Kwan O neighborhoods bluntly stated that there is no other Food Court option in the same area. They love the same voice here, “We Hong Kong people have lost There are many, some things we will try to hold tight, because if we lose here, there may not be the next all-yellow Food Court. Hold on, every Hong Kong person is sticking to it. Whatever difficulties or difficulties arise, we will manage Speak out, when you are in a hurry, we will definitely support you.”

In the face of the enthusiastic response and support from netizens and diners, Ajie was very happy and grateful. “After posting the post, everyone was very supportive and supportive. The happiness is that it is not as simple as a good business, but someone agrees with our ideas.” Said that if the business improves, they all hope to keep doing it and don’t want to give up. If Hong Kong people feel that they need them and need this Food Court, they will sacrifice their lives to accompany the gentleman and continue to operate, and hope that more people will explore the market development possibilities together Sex. “I think all conscientious people can develop. It is best if large consortia can see that this is worthy of development. What I see is not important. I hope that the actions we take can be seen by others, and some changes will be made.”

Eclipse Food Court

Address: 1st Floor, Nikko Liang Shopping Centre, 18 Tong Jun Street, Tseung Kwan O

Reporter: Zhang Lele

Photography: Wei Zilang

Editor: Zou Zhongan


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