Huawei: 5G can help fight corona

Huawei helps partners such as the Chinese robotics startup Neolix, the Leishenshan Hospital and Hanjiang University in the fight against the corona virus. Michael Lemke, Senior Technology Principal at Huawei Technologies Germany, said this on March 23, 2020. On the one hand, it is about better protecting and relieving hospital staff through remote diagnosis and robots, and on the other hand, accelerating the diagnosis and finding medication.

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A diagnostic system from AI partner HY, supported by Huawei hardware, has been used by 20 hospitals in China since mid-February. Another possibility is video conference systems for hospitals so that doctors can help each other. In China, for example, it has been possible for many medical professionals to concentrate on the crisis regions across the country.

Systems are used to quickly measure fever until the lung disease caused by corona is recognized from the CT image in a greatly reduced time. Computing infrastructures from Huawei and a trained algorithm from a partner company were used. “We deliver AI and connectivity power. We are always only cooperation partners, the data always belongs to the solution providers”Lemke emphasized. “We move the CT image to the cloud faster. The AI ​​trains an algorithm for recognition, with which the doctor can reduce the recognition time from 14 to 2.5 minutes.”said Lemke.

Neolix offers driverless vehicles for hospitals to support staff. “5G end devices span high-bit-rate local Wi-Fi networks in hospitals. More than 10 Mbit / s are offered in the downlink and uplink with a latency of less than 20ms. The autonomous vehicle transmits data with a volume of up to 2 TByte per day”, Lemke calculated. For this alone you need 5G networks.

“Technically, a lot is possible, but regulatory requirements first require a robot to be certified”, Lemke restricted for Germany. “If Wi-Fi 6 is needed, we can get started right away. We are also available for 5G campus networks. We only ever provide hardware and computing resources, such as the AI ​​computing platform Atlas System. In general, 5G networks the operator can be used. “ A large number of video conferences are currently being held. The condition of the networks in Germany is probably better than expected, it said.

With its AI cluster, Huawei is also involved in calculations on virus RNA in China and the applicability of existing drugs.

Lemke emphasized: “However, we are not involved in the recording of movement profiles of sick people and their surroundings. Of course, the network operator can do this technically. In South Korea, this is very successful, like the use of AI when it comes to mapping.” In China, the network operators had played an outstanding role in all of the projects mentioned. There, Huawei is also the operator of cloud and AI clusters.

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