Huawei advances intelligent healthcare with the innovative Digital Medical Technology Solution

2023-09-25 17:34:34

Shanghai (ots/PRNewswire) SHANGHAI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During Huawei Connect 2023, Huawei held the first Smart Healthcare Summit on the theme of “Building a Digital Health Community to Accelerate Smart Healthcare.” Huawei released the Digital Medical Technology Solution to support the healthcare industry .

Zhao Yixin, General Manager of the Education and Healthcare Industry of Huawei’s Global Public Sector, gave a speech titled “Intelligence reconstructs future healthcare, innovation strengthens digital health.” Huawei focuses on intelligence in healthcare and is committed to overcoming it digital boundaries and the development of innovative healthcare solutions to enable high-quality development of the healthcare industry.

Digital medical technology enables precise and efficient healthcare

Huawei’s Digital Medical Technology Solution builds a unified architecture based on cloud computing, big data and AI to support medical imaging services in hospitals around the world. It has five main features, namely hospital-wide data convergence, multi-protocol and copy-free lossless compression, SmartCache 2.0 AI prefetch and video network collaboration. Over 1000 images and pathological sections can be viewed in seconds, saving 30% of storage space and 70% of equipment room space. It also helps provide accurate, efficient and consistent image reading and diagnostic services.

This solution has been successfully implemented in the regional medical imaging platform project of Longgang District Health Bureau, Shenzhen. Thanks to this platform, 12 hospitals in Longgang District have access to the network and can exchange medical image data. You have one-click access to imaging reports and benefit from mutual recognition of examination results across hospitals. Data will be fully utilized to care for patients more efficiently and regional imaging resources will be distributed more wisely.

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Huawei continues to innovate and invest in smart healthcare. To date, Huawei has served over 5,000 hospitals and research institutions in over 90 countries and regions and has more than 3,300 ecosystem partners.

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