Huawei enters the electric car market

After smartphones, laptops, connected watches, Huawei is now moving towards the electric car market.

After formalizing its break with its subsidiary Honor, Huawei surprised by announcing on Chinese television the launch of its brand of autonomous electric cars. For this new project, the Chinese group has surrounded itself with big names in the sector. This is how he signed a partnership with the Chinese car manufacturer Changan and the lithium battery specialist Comtemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) which is none other than one of the suppliers of Tesla cars.

The new company formed by Huawei, Changan and CATL is heralded as “a prestigious brand of intelligent electric vehicles”. It is therefore not a question of simple electric cars, but of autonomous vehicles which will be based on a technological platform called “ARK architecture”, as reported by 01net. The latter aims to improve the general performance of cars controlled by an AI and based on the cloud and big data. It is also at this level that Huawei should show all its know-how.

The partners also plan to develop other smart auto objects, as well as an ecosystem of “smart life and smart energy” which, you are granted, says nothing concrete. It must be said that beyond Huawei’s announcement to enter this new market, the Chinese technology giant has been rather stingy in detail. In the end, not much is known about Huawei’s autonomous electric car project.

We can still expect the Chinese giant to unveil more in the coming weeks. In any case, despite the difficulties that the manufacturer has faced for many months due to American pressure, Huawei seems to be far from having said its last word.

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