Economy Huawei reminds the United States of its history of...

Huawei reminds the United States of its history of spying on networks


The Chinese company Huawei has provided a response to US allegations of espionage, claiming that it does not have the ability to spy claimed by the United States, noting that the United States itself has a long history of spying on phone networks.

Huawei said in a statement of six paragraphs: As evidenced by the Edward Snowden leaks, the United States secretly reaches communications networks all over the world, and has been spying on other countries for some time.

The company stated that the report published by the Washington Post this week on how the CIA has used an encryption company to spy on other countries for decades is further evidence, as the agency bought a company called Crypto AG and used it to spy on communications for decades, and the agency spied On encrypted communications of allies and opponents together.

Huawei’s latest statement came in response to a Wall Street Journal report yesterday quoting US officials as saying: We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to secretly access sensitive and personal information in the systems it sells worldwide.

The Chinese company pointed out that the US allegations about it are only a cover for blocking its espionage activities, as it does not adhere to any acceptable logic in the field of electronic safety.

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The statement said: We never got to the communications networks secretly, and we do not have the ability to do so, and the Wall Street Journal clearly understands that the US government cannot provide any evidence to support their allegations, and yet has chosen to repeat the lies spread by US officials, This reflects the newspaper’s bias against us and undermines its credibility.

According to the newspaper article, telecom equipment manufacturers selling products to telecom companies are required by law to build methods within their devices for the authorities to access networks for legal purposes, and the equipment must be built in a way that the manufacturer cannot access without the approval of the network operator.

The United States claims that Huawei has violated these laws by building equipment that allows it to secretly access networks through these interfaces without the knowledge of telecom companies, and Huawei’s statement claimed that US allegations are impossible.

The statement said: Huawei is just a supplier of equipment, and it is impossible to reach customers ’networks without the permission of telecom companies, and we do not have the ability to bypass telecommunications companies and control access and take data from networks without discovering this by firewalls and regular security systems, as the Wall Street Journal admits That American officials are unable to provide any specific details regarding the rear doors.


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