Huaxi Securities maintains the buy rating of Xinyangfeng: the leading development of compound fertilizers has a stable layout and new energy contributes to new growth – yqqlm

  West China SecuritiesPosted on April 21stResearch reportsay, maintainXinyangfeng(000902.SZ, latest price: 16.3 yuan) Buy rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) Steady growth of main business, contribution of compound fertilizerperformance2) The prosperity of the planting industry chain has improved, and the demand for phosphorus and compound fertilizers continues to improve; 3) The new energy industry is deployed, and the phosphorus chemical industry chain is rich. risk warning:agricultural productsThe risk of price fluctuation, the risk of raw material price fluctuation, and the risk of intensified competition in the industry.

AI comments:Xinyangfeng10 copies in the past monthbrokerageThe research report is concerned, 9 companies are bought, and 1 company is strongly recommended.

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

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Original title: Huaxi Securities maintains Xinyangfeng’s buy rating: the development of compound fertilizer leaders is stable, and the layout of new energy sources contributes to new growth

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