“Hubbard’s Tub: Innovative Therapy for Pain Relief and Mobility Rehab”

2023-04-25 01:19:25

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The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) stressed that thanks to Tina de Hubbard from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit (UMFR) “Siglo XXI”patients with fractures, muscle, nerve, tendon and bone injuries, as well as with genetic syndromes that derive from injuries at the bone or muscle level, achieve manage pain and regain mobility during your rehabilitation.

Mariana Camacho, a physiotherapist at the UMFR, explained that the Therapies in Hubbard’s Tub are very beneficial for the beneficiaryin the sessions the patients are guided for the proper performance of the exercises and later the treating physician determines its evolution and if necessary resume treatment.

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“Hubbard’s Tub Takes Care For make a complete immersion of the patient who has severe limitations to walkto stand up or to move around, are normally indicated on people who have problems in the four extremities of the body, arms and legsspinal problems or nerve injuries,” he said.

He explained that the treatment consists of fill the tub with hot water between 36 and 38 degrees and just under its maximum capacity 1,600 liters.

The patient is admitted by means of a mechanical crane that loads him and places it inside the tub; Subsequently, the turbines generate movement of the propulsion of the water, which makes the beneficiary can have greater relaxation at the muscular level and perform the indicated exercises, with the help of a family member,” he explained.

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The specialist referred to the case of a 38-year-old patient who was run over and presented a hip and femur fracturein addition to the fact that the severe trauma led him to be intubated.

“After spending a month in intensive care, he is currently rehabilitating in this unit and has managed to bend and support his leg thanks to the sessions in Hubbard’s Tub.”

He added that the patient plates and screws were placed to be able to fix his hip againwhich left him with a nerve lesion that caused the signal that comes from the brain to the extremity to be of poor quality.

“It’s as if it were a broken cable, for this reason, his muscles do not receive adequate information and cannot work, nor support him so that he can walk properly.”

Hubbard’s Tub is ideal for patients with a lot of painwho have no way to move and gradually regain mobility ”, highlighted the IMSS.

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