Hubert von Goisern back on stage


Hubert von Goisern is back on stage. After a five-year artistic break, the publication of his first novel and a new CD, the tour that goes with it should start soon. On Tuesday, the resident of Salzburg presented the Hubert von Goisern Culture Prize – for talented, young musicians.

After the creative break, 2020 should have been his year: first book, new CD and then the tour. The corona pandemic made the concerts impossible. Hubert Achleitner, as Hubert von Goisern is correctly called, feels thwarted by the virus, but not: “The book has been well received and was number one on the bestseller list for several weeks. So then to complain that it had hit me particularly hard by Corona would not be true. “The CD needs a tour to become known, according to the artist.

“Got better with age”

The “Times and Signs” tour will take place – but only in spring 2022. With almost 100 concerts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The 68-year-old musician describes the album “Zeiten undzeichen” as his best to date: “As an artist you get better with age because you can incorporate more and more experience. All numbers turned out as I imagined. “

Prize awarded to young musicians

There is a first taste at the award ceremony of the culture prize he has endowed, which is endowed with 15,000 euros annually, to promote talent and perseverance. This year’s winners are: Sarah Brait from Linz for the Mamma Fatale project; David Wöhrer, who goes under the name David Raddish; and to Sigrid Horn, songwriter from the Mostviertel.

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